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Discover a world of coastal enchantment through our captivating art collections. Each carefully hand-stretched canvas print carries the essence of the sea and the stories it holds. With every purchase, you're not only embracing the beauty of coastal towns but also supporting the talented artists who breathe life into each piece.

Step into a world where art and ocean unite, and let the journey begin.

Embracing the Soul of the Coast Through Art

Embark on a captivating journey where the allure of coastal beauty and artistic expression intertwine. Backyards of the Sea is not just an art collection; it's a celebration of the enchanting charm woven into coastal towns across the US. As the artist, I go beyond capturing moments – I hand-pick photographs from talented collaborators and then meticulously transform them into vibrant creations that uniquely capture the essence of these shores.

However, we're more than artists; we're a community. Collaborating with photographers and influencers, I carefully select and curate their perspectives, weaving them into our tapestry. It's my hands that bring each piece to life, uniting their vision with my own in a shared love for the sea.

Explore our gallery and immerse yourself in the tales woven into every stroke. Each carefully hand-stretched canvas print carries the soul of the coast and the stories it holds. With every purchase, you're not just acquiring art; you're supporting a community of talented storytellers who contribute the canvas for my artistic expression.

Visit our gallery in the Shops at Mallory Square, 291 Front Street, Suite 115, Key West, FL 33040