Welcome to Backyards of the Sea, a haven of coastal inspiration and artistry. As the artist behind this venture, my journey has led me from the vibrant shores of Key West to the enchanting beaches and towns that grace the vast expanse of the United States coastline.

My affinity for coastal towns, the rhythmic melody of the waves, and the endless beauty of the ocean has been a lifelong passion. This love, coupled with my artistic soul, compelled me to expand beyond the sun-soaked streets of Key West and embark on a new creative voyage.

The inception of Backyards of the Sea is a tale of dual inspiration. Firstly, it's a platform to share my artistic interpretations of the captivating coastal vistas I've had the privilege to explore. Each piece of art captures the essence of these towns, from the charming architecture to the salty breeze that lingers in the air.

Secondly, Backyards of the Sea is a tribute to collaboration and the spirit of artistic unity. It's a canvas where the visions of talented photographers and influencers harmonize with my own whimsical style. Through this collaboration, we celebrate the art of storytelling captured through the lens. These featured artists are not just contributors; they are storytellers who find their muse in the waves, sands, and sunsets that grace our coasts.

Importantly, while I collaborate with photographers, I take a hands-on approach to the artistic process. From hand-picking the photographs to meticulously transforming them into vibrant creations, each piece is a fusion of their vision and my artistic expression.

Much like the original Backyards of Key West, this venture marks a journey of growth and success. Building upon the foundation of four years of artistic triumph, I am excited to replicate that triumph and share the beauty of coastal towns across the US. The creative process continues to be transformative, allowing me to channel my passion and craft into every stroke, every pixel, and every piece.

Thank you for being part of this journey, for exploring the Backyards of the Sea with me. As you immerse yourself in the artistry and tales woven into each piece, I hope you are inspired not only to appreciate the splendor of our coasts but also to pursue your own dreams, just as I have.

Planning a visit to Key West or eager to connect in person? Join us at our Key West art gallery situated at the Shops at Mallory Square, 291 Front St, Suite 115, Key West, FL 33040


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